SMS Control

Launch Screen

The MyAlarm SMS Control App for iOS and Android devices allows you to easily create and save SMS templates, which can then be sent to your alarm system to arm or disarm areas, operate outputs, unlock doors, check SIM balance or to check system status.

Main Messages Screen

This means you will have ability to remotely control your system anywhere you have mobile coverage. Each template can be given a unique and descriptive name simplifying operation, and for further peace of mind, a confirmation SMS message can be sent by your alarm system to your phone if requested.

Site Messages Screen

Multiple sites or alarm system can be setup with their own unique templates allowing you to control your home, office, holiday home or other buildings with one app.

Message Details Screen

Outputs and doors can be easily controlled and if you need to check the current state of any area or output then a status request can be sent.

The SIM balance feature can be configured to alert you when the SIM credit is getting low allows you to recharge before it runs out.

Add New Site Screen

The App and integrated GSM module are currently only compatible with the panels listed below. Some features including SMS balance checking ma require a panel firmware upgrade. If you do not have one of the systems listed below then do not download the App as it currently will only work on these systems.

*Bosch - Solution 144 Alarm Panel

*Bosch - Solution 6000 Alarm Panel

*Digiflex - Vision-X Alarm Panel